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Florida judgment recovery

In a perfect world, once a law suit is won, the judgment will be honored by the losing party and paid. This outcome is likely if the losing party is covered by insurance or is a large corporation. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the judgment is as worthless as the paper it is written on — and the individual or business that has won their case is left with nothing more than frustration as the debtors simply don’t pay up.

This is when the winning party gives up, hopes for the eventual goodwill of the debtors or makes the sensible decision to seek an experienced judgment enforcement law firm. As brash as this sounds, using our reputable law services, the debt would be retrieved using the professional and legal collection methods such as;

Levies. This allows the real property or personal assets of the debtor to be seized to assist with repayment of the debt.

Bank/Wage garnishments. This allows a creditor to freeze a bank account, or take a percentage of the debtors paycheck to be collected until the judgment is paid in full.

Depositions. This allows the debtor to be interviewed under oath to determine assets to be seized to satisfy the amount owed. If the assets have been fraudulently transferred to a third party, a lawsuit can be filed against that third party.

With extensive knowledge and experience of the law and the procedures involved in Judgment Enforcement, WS Collection Law is able to ensure that your Florida judgment recovery is appropriately and effectively enforced. If you are having problems with collecting debts owed to your company, you are encouraged to speak with an experienced attorney at WS Collection Law. Walter L. Sanders will review the debts in question and will advise you of the next steps you should take to collect your money. Call (813) 908-4183 and schedule an appointment with us today.